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A good gift says: I love you. You got this. I’m thinking of you. You’re the best. Happy birthday. An After Hours gift says all that... and more. It reflects the strength of your relationship, the depth of your love, the memories you share, and the occasion worth celebrating. We honour those one-of-a-kind connections by curating gifts that say all those nice things in purposeful present form. The kind that your giftee actually uses and remembers forever.

Select from our curated gift sets, customise your own gift, or select from our hamper-style edit.

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Made for Birthdays.

Organising dinner with them is hard work, but buying their perfect birthday gift shouldn’t be.

Curated with intention

All of the gifts she'll love. None of the ones she won't.

Next day delivery

Shipping so fast she'll think you became organised.

Gift now, Pay later

For when that milestone comes outta nowhere.

Consciously gift-wrapped

Because more waste is not a gift our environment needs.