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Cosy Vibes Only: Your Go-To Guide for Self-Care Gifts

As the days get shorter and the temperatures start to dip, self-care becomes more crucial than ever. Even the sun takes a breather during winter. So why shouldn't we? It's the perfect excuse to hit the "pause" button on life, slow down, and carve out some me-time.

Whether it's pampering yourself with a long bath, losing yourself in the twisting plot of a novel, or belly laughing at your favorite TV show - it's all in the name of self-care. And guess what? It's not selfish; it's necessary. It's the fuel that keeps you firing on all cylinders, so you can keep showing up for yourself and everyone else in your orbit.

One of the best things we can do for each other is encourage this self-care. It might look different for everyone, but however it's packaged, the most critical part is ensuring we're looking out for one another.

A well-renowned psychologist compared our bodies and minds to a car, saying, "You can't put $5 of petrol in your tank and expect to drive from Melbourne to Sydney, you'll run out of fuel". In other words, we've got to fuel our mind and body for the journey ahead.

Here is your guide to self-care gifts to help fuel your village. Let's share the self-care love.

Give Me 5

"Give Me 5" packs a triple punch of self-care delights, ensuring she can sip, savor, and rejuvenate.


The 'TLC' gift set is her one-way ticket to pamper town, promising a full-body renewal that'll leave her feeling refreshed from head to toe!


The 'Switch-Off' gift set is the ultimate relaxation combo, whisking her off to a world of warmth, sweetness, and rejuvenation.

Get Cosy

The 'Get-Cosy' gift set is her passport to cloud-nine comfort, offering a snuggle-worthy, sweet and soothing escape from the everyday hustle.


The 'Unwind' gift set offers an effortless route to relaxation, curated to exfoliate, soothe, and refresh for an ultimate at-home spa experience.

Sending Love

The 'Sending Love' gift set is warmth and sweetness, transporting a chocolate-infused hug right to her doorstep.


The 'Novel-Tea' gift set immerses you in a world of captivating stories and comforting brews, making for an idyllic escape from reality.

Let's Wine Down

The 'Let's Wine Down' gift set combines a NYT's bestseller with a rich Pinot, promising an evening of refined relaxation and captivating escapism.

Reading Escape

The 'Reading Escape' gift set pairs a mesmerizing bestseller with a calming candle, creating a serene retreat from her busy world.

Self-Care On The Go

The 'Self-Care On The Go' gift set is her portable pampering pack, ensuring rejuvenation is never more than an arm's length away.

Staying In

The 'Staying In' gift set elevates a night at home into a snug haven of relaxation, blending the comforts of warmth, wine, and well-being.

Book Club

The 'Book Club' gift set pairs a riveting read with a rich Pinot and delicious chocolate, creating the perfect recipe for a relaxing night in.

Shelf Care

The 'Shelf Care' gift set is a comfort-loaded package, offering a blend of warmth, relaxation, and sweetness for those 'me-time' moments.

Ultimate Indulgence

The 'Ultimate Indulgence' gift set is her toolkit for head-to-toe pampering, ensuring an extravagant at-home spa experience is always within reach.

Remember, self-care is not a luxury, it's a necessity, and these gifts are all about encouraging those precious moments of 'me-time'. So, whether you're looking to treat yourself or bring a smile to someone's face, our 'Cozy Vibes Only' guide is here to help.

Let's keep the self-care love flowing and the cozy vibes going.