Are you ready to 'welcome home' your clients with good taste?

Attention: Anyone in charge of dazzling new home owners with settlement gifts.

Here comes our 'house warming' mastery, wearing white gloves, After Hours Gifting has arrived to change the face of settlement gifting with premium and curated gifts sets that will be loved, appreciated and never forgotten.

Crafting Unique Experiences:

We design unique settlement gifting programmes using our proven gifting formula, which delivers not just a gift, but a truly memorable experience. Our carefully curated items harmonize perfectly to enhance moments, whether enjoyed at home or while exploring new surroundings. Each gift set features a standout 'hero piece' that sets the tone and adds long-lasting value, promising repeated use and enjoyment. We believe in creating more than a gift; we believe in crafting experiences.

Partnering with us offers several key benefits.


We are your gift-giving partner. We work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences to provide a high-quality gift-giving experience that aligns with your brand and values.


Our bespoke gifting process is designed to be unique and personalized to create a thoughtful and memorable gift-giving experience.

Customisation & Branding

We can incorporate custom branding and messaging into the gift, helping to reinforce your brand identity and showcase your business.


With years of experience in gift-giving, we have a deep understanding of what makes a great gift and can provide guidance and recommendations throughout the gift-giving process.


We take care of the logistics and delivery of the gift, including storage of branded packaging and gifts, coordination of gift delivery, and bulk delivery to your office if applicable, saving you time and effort.

Sustainable Packaging

Because more waste is not a gift our environment needs. We take sustainability seriously and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. That's why we've implemented a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions for our products.

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"Gift more with less"

- Emma Mazur, Founder of After Hours Gifting.

We're excited about the prospect of creating a unique settlement gift programme tailored to your business.

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