We're After Hours


Hand-picked gifts for every friendship, moment and occasion.

A good gift says: I love you. You got this. I’m thinking of you. You’re the best. Happy birthday.

A great gift says all that... and more. It reflects the strength of your relationship, the depth of your love, the memories you share, and the occasion worth celebrating. 

It’s a labour of love and an expression of how well you know one another.

After Hours celebrates those one-of-a-kind connections by curating gifts that say all those nice things in purposeful present form. The kind that your giftee actually uses and remembers forever.

Simply choose from our curated gift sets, customise your own gift, or select from our range of hamper-style gifts and premium individual items perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and even corporate ‘thank you’ moments. All from the comfort of your own home, in 10 minutes or less.

"Gifting should be intentional, enjoyable and create memorable moments. I want After Hours to be a source of gift inspiration, a calm space that takes the stress away from gift-giving and most importantly helps you feel connected with the people you care about"
- Emma

About Emma, founder of After Hours

After Hours is Emma's second gift business with an already thriving men's gifting company, Manflower Co. Her love and passion for simplifying the gift-giving process and providing an online gift destination that encourages intentional gifting are some of her key goals.

It's only recently Emma has left the corporate world to focus on her e-commerce endeavours and with a background in IT Project Management and Service Delivery, her passion is not only providing beautiful gifts but an end-to-end experience that is streamlined and efficient.

Emma grew up on a farm in country New Zealand with her Mum & Dad, two sisters, brother and many animals. This has heavily influenced her approach to life and gifting. Emma learned early on in life that some of the best gifts are moments in time. A major influence is Emma's Mum, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2010. As a young girl Emma remembers putting gifts together with her Mum, being one of four children her Mum would keep a box of lovely items in her wardrobe and when there was a birthday party to go to her Mum would help select three things from the box to create a gift. The inclusion of three items in many of the After Hours gift sets is in honour of Emma's mum.