Brand Values

Gift-Giving Commandments

Our brand values are wrapped up in our 11 gift-giving commandments.

We are serious about these 11 things when it comes to gift-giving. That’s right, 11 — cos we like to do everything differently.

1. Celebrate the giftee and your relationship.

Applies to life-long besties and favourite friends from that European Contiki Tour you did, circa 2008.

2. Be thoughtful and memorable (in equal parts).

They need to know their 35th birthday is important, even though they’ve got a newborn and haven’t washed their hair
in a week.

3. Give a nod to the gift-givers exceptional gifting.

Wow, it feels nice to be the friend that gives the best gifts, huh?

4. Allow you to make eco-conscious decisions for double the thoughtfulness.

This goes way beyond using a Keep Cup for your daily soy latte.

5. Come in all forms... including rounds of espresso martinis.

Whatever it takes to get your friend out of her bath robe for the 8pm dinner reservation.

6. Inspire the giftee to take time for themselves.

Sometimes that means pouring a cocktail before you start cooking dinner at 4pm.

7. Make their day that much better.

The way a good latte does on a Monday morning.
The way a glass of rose does on any day ending in Y.

8. Match the occasion AND the relationship.

Whether that’s a traditional occasion (birthday) or a less-traditional occasion (her first born’s first day of school. Sob.)

9. Be drinkable. Or at the very least, edible.

And consumed during moments of celebration, heartbreak etc etc.

10. Make people feel great (tipsy?)

Amidst the hectic-ness of life, a surprise gift (and a stiff drink) is a big win.

11. Limit life admin time and be easy to find.

There’s enough tabs open in my brain. Who has the time, energy or patience to spend hours looking
for one perfect gift?

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